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The Future

At True Green, we provide the main source of livelihood for the majority in our community

Food Processing

Food processing, food preservation, food production and food manufacturing.

Farm Automation

Intensive production requires development of robust systems with short development time at low cost.

Crop Farming

Sowing & planting of a wide variety of crops, done both manually & with the use of machinery.

Animal Husbandry

We've replaced traditional methods with modern animal husbandry.


We partner with many agricultural biotechnology companies to solve the productivity challenge that sits at the heart of the global food supply problem.

We offer an array of rich and nutrient dense 100% Natural food products that helps everyone better manage their weight, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Our great products and services help accelerate breeding decisions in an efficient and cost-effective manner, such as identifying new plant varieties.



As the world population races to 10 billion people and farmable land quickly decreases, keeping up with increasing food demands is a challenge in need of solutions.

Pest Management

Driven by changing environmental conditions, pests are spreading to places they’ve never been before. Whether from insects, weeds, or disease, crops are under threat and traditional ways of protection are becoming less effective. We need new solutions to help food win the fight.

Animal Nutrition and Health

To maximize animal health, we are working on next-generation animal feed that increases nutritional content while decreasing the need for antibiotics. We are also developing novel modes of action that help protect animals from disease.

Crop Nutrient Uptake

To enhance nutrient use, we are discovering microbes and proteins that enable plants to capture more nutrients, as well as make best use of the nutrients they are provided.

Crop Protection

To better protect crops, we develop novel proteins for better traits, such as increased crop resiliency against temperature extremes, pests, and disease. We are also discovering products with novel modes of action to target pests and not plants.



Research Labs



The Importance of Food Processing

Food processing methods are way in which the harvested crop or animal produce can be changed into foods. These methods includes fermentation, milling/grinding/threshing and winnowing etc.

Science for a safer World

When it comes to human lives, how much money should we spend on making them safe? Some people prefer not to think about the question, but those responsible for industrial safety or health services do not have that luxury.

Understanding Farm Automation

While machinery helps farmers accomplish basic tasks faster, agriculture is still a very hands-on industry. If a producer wants to ensure a good yield, he or she must carefully monitor crops to identify and respond to signs of drought, disease, or poorly-fertilized soil.

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Peter Kay

The best part of True Green coming out to help our organisation was that we didn’t have to spend much, they did the job start to finish and charge little

Stella Akanu

True Green works was really impressive. You would easily believe agriculture shall reach every one when you reach True Green.

Francis Izuoba

True Green was founded to solve the agricultural pollution and inefficiency problem. They always solve these problems using incredible means.

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